Platinet Wireless Charger Led White Lamp/Colorful Night Light


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Multifunction LED lamp model with touch control and built-in QI charger. Allows wireless charging of a smartphone equipped with a built-in QI module or QI adapter. The luminaire is not designed for spot lighting. Only phones that support this feature can be charged wirelessly. Included: power adapter.

Rated power: max. 10 W (5 W LED, 5W charger)
Color temperature: 2700-3300k, can be changed manually or automatically
Lighting angle: 180 °
Type and Quantity of LEDs: 5730 × 20pcs
CRI:> 80
Start Time: <0.5
Number of On/Off Cycles: 15,000
IP Protection Level: IP20
Dimensions: 207 × 85 × 207 mm

Color : White

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