Xiaomi Microhoo Personal Mini Air conditioning fan White EU MH01R


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Microhoo’s personal mini air conditioner keeps coolness and moisture when you wish. The device with step-less speed regulation and low noise level will help to cool or humidify the air at any time of the year. Type-C charging is suitable for this gadget, and it will work autonomously from the grid for a long time after it is powered. The device has a touch screen where you can adjust the wind speed and change its direction. It also has a timer and sleep mode. The 1-liter water tank is well fixed to prevent leakage. The gadget’s advantage is that it can be charged by PowerBank. This device is not only ideal for office workers but also fits well into the home interior.


  • Type: Air Conditioning Fan
  • Brand: Microhoo
  • Model: MH01R
  • Rated Power: 6 W
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1000 ml
  • Size: 196×178×182 mm
  • Weight: 1206 g

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